Special Features

The Major points which made NANDI ‘A Little different’ to see, But a lot better in service :-

  • Fully fabricated body from cold formed section for lowest possible dead weight to highest load bearing capacity, lowest dead weight.
  • All moving parts, including pump piston and lifting ram are hard chrome plated and ground enables very less wear-out, very high life and resistance to environmental corrosion, resistance free movements of parts as well as oil.
  • Hand lever controlled operation-lifting-neutral and lowering. No foot pedals-better operator safety and less mechanical damage.(Found in best pallet trucks all over the world, introduced for the first time in India & still the best).
  • Controlled lowering speed - no sudden dropping on high load.
  • Synthetic brush beating on all pivot linkage.
  • Gravity suction of oil by pump - no effort required by operator for suction of pump
  • Highest maneuverability (250' steering) - very free steering on load.

About Expert Equipments

EXPERT EQUIPMENTS, a company created by experienced engineers of the industry devoted in manufacturing material handling equipments since last two decades.



Hydraulic Pallet Truck

NANDI hydraulic pallet truck is one of the quality products of EXPERT EQUIPMENTS. NANDI is scientifically designed to optimise the function with minimum human efforts and hence a proof of technological excellence and reliability.




Our Products
  • NANDI – Hydraulic Pallet Truck
  • Weaver’s Beam Pallet Truck
  • Nandi Stallion Hydraulic Stackers
  • Electro Hydraulic Manual Stacker
  • Nandi High Reach Hydraulic Pallet Truck with controlled lowering speed
  • Nandi Hydraulic Jib Crane